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Nick Gigliotti is the president of Sunshine Tag Agency located in Bradenton Florida. His good old-fashioned service to the customer is the key to achieving his company’s goals. His philosophy is simple and straightforward. He does not see his company as just a service company/client relationship, but rather a partnership.

This of course, developed over a period of time. By proof of performance it has led to the development of a Plate Control program whereby Sunshine State Tag Agency (SSTA) and the customer jointly control the fleet, and gain positive control of its use and lowering of its cost. This can only take place when the parties are in a "partnership" mode.

The need to expedite the tagging and renewal process for Rental, Leasing, and Fleet companies led to the founding of Sunshine State Tag Agency (SSTA).

Nick took his idea and business plan to the local Tax Collector for approval and Tallahassee for coordination of effort and set out to sign up some customers. The major players in this industry were looking for this kind of service.

Nick has also been part of the FHP family in another way. For many years he has dedicated himself to the Florida Highway Patrol’s Auxiliary. He has been Troop F’s Major of the auxiliary and assists troopers on a daily basis.


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