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Mr. Skinner began his public service efforts in 1990 when he was elected to the Columbia County Planning and Zoning Board and Columbia County Board of Adjustments. In 1995 he was appointed by Governor Chiles to the Lakeshore Hospital Authority Board of Directors. In 2000 Mr. Skinner was elected to the Columbia County Board of County Commissioners for District 3, serving as Chairman in 2004. Mr. Skinner has also served on the Disadvantaged Transportation Board, the Florida Advocacy Council for the Developmentally Disabled, and Lake City Medical Center Board of Trustees. He his also a certified volunteer firefighter, a member of the support staff for Florida Detox and former member of the Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary.

Mr. Skinner has been self-employed as a barber for more than thirty-seven years which has allowed him to spend many hours of quality time individually with the constituency having heartfelt discussions about their concerns and needs.

Mr. Skinner graduated from Suwannee High School in 1965 and received paramedic training from Lake City Community College in 1983 which stimulated his interest in public safety issues.

Mr. Skinner is originally from Wellborn, Florida and currently resides in Lake City. He married Phyllis A. Sommerville in 1982 and together they have two children and two grandchildren. The Skinners have attended Salem Primitive Baptist Church for fifteen years where Mr. Skinner serves as a Deacon.

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